V Guard

Electronic Voltage Stabilizer

  • Stabilizer for A.C: Models of various capacities to power air-conditioners rated from 0.50 tonne/6000Btu/Hr to 2.00 tonne/24000Btu/Hr
  • TV Stabilizer: They come in various power capacities and carry a five-year warranty.
  • Digital Stabilizer: Digital Stabilizer is another innovative design to protect the sophisticated equipments like LCD/Plasma TV, DVD, Home Theaters, Hi-Fi Music Systems, Medical equipments and Photostat Machines.
  • Refrigerator Stabilizer: V-guard stabilizers are protecting your refrigerators from voltage fluctuations

Price: Rs. 1,900/- onwards
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Solar Water Heaters

  • 100 LPD to 5,000 LPD: The Evacuated Tube Collector System facilitates high-efficiency absorption and utilization of solar energy, with minimum heat loss.

Price: Rs. 9,950/- onwards
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Electric Heaters (geysers)

  • Ecohot: 1 to 3 ltrs. capacity
  • Instahot: 1 ltr. capacity
  • Krystal: 6 to 15 ltrs. capacity
  • Steamer: 6 to 15 ltrs. capacity

Price: Rs. 2,300/- onwards
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Ceiling Fans

  • Ceiling fans: CW 1548, CW 2048 M, CW 3348, CW 3124 M, SF 4048 M, SF 6148 M
  • Exhaust fans:FS 109, EM 109

Price: Rs. 1,100/- onwards
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