• Viera Plasma: Z series, V Series, G Series, S Series, X Series, C Seires, PY Series, PV Series
  • Viera LCD: LZ Series, S Series, G Series, X Series, C Seires, A Series, LE Series
  • Flat TV: 29FX77, 29GX21, 29FX20CDS, 29GX20C, 21FX75CH, 21FX70C3, 21FX22CH, 21GX21, 21FX21CG, 21FX20CGS, 21FX20CGB21GX20C
  • Slim TV: 21RX20CS, 21RX20C

Price: Rs. 7,790/- onwards
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Washing Machine

  • NA-F90H1: Aquabeat plus 3D Boost Power Wash Wash intelligent
  • NA-F80T1: 7 Programmed Courses, Tub Hygiene, Twin Lint Filter (Antibacterial)
  • NA-F70H1: 6 Programmed Courses (Normal, Mini, Hyper Speedy, Blanket, Delicate, Tub Hygiene)
  • NA-F70T1: 4 Programmed Courses (Normal, Hyper Speedy, Delicate,Tub Hygiene)
  • NA-F70B1: Extra Clean Power FOAM WASH
  • NA-F90X6: AQUABEAT - New Water Flow Revolution

Price: Rs. 16,690/- onwards
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Telephone and Fax

  • Analogue Cordless Phone: Up to 7-hour talk time
  • Business Fax: UF-4100 33.6 kbps, Super G3 Fax, 4 MB Image Memory Compact, Space-Saving Design
  • Personal Fax:
    Plain paper fax: KX-FP343SN, KX-FM386CX, KX-FP206CX, KX-FP701CX
    Thermal Fax: KX-FT981,KX-FT983, KX-FT987
    Laser Fax: KX-FL613SN, KX-FL402CX

Price: Rs. 5,000/- onwards
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