About Us

Manipal Agencies which is located in Udupi and is in business of selling latest multi-brand products, since 1995 and is managed by T. Ajith Pai. We have been supplying goods to all major companies in and around South Canara at best price. We also service walk-in customers. We are prompt in delivery schedules, whether it maybe small or large quantities.

We have sold several branded and non-branded products to esteem companies in and around South Canara. Let us know your requirement and we will do the best to supply you as fast as possible. We have a enquiry form, which you can fill up and submit it. We will get back to you in 24 hours, answering all your queries. You can also contact us on phone and the numbers are 0820 2520182 and the mobile number is 9845240996 or e-mail us at tajithpai@manipalagencies.com.

We sell major brand products and these are: LCD TV, handycam, digital camera, home theatre, mattress, pillows, refrigerator, washing machine, airconditioner, microwave oven, telephone (desktop, wall mounted, cordless) Fax machine, gas stove, gas light, induction cooker, ceiling fan, furniture, stabiliser, electric and solar water heater, mobile phone. In furnitures, we sell sofa set, cot with and without built-in storage, dinning table, wardrobe, chair, table, executive chair, computer table, shoe rack, cloth rack, bar stools amd made to order furniture.

Service is backed by the individual companies. We will fecilitate in giving prompt service to any individual or companies.

We will provide back-to-back warranties from the companies. Replacement of parts or products will be provided by the respective companies. We will only facilitate it.

The company is located in Udupi near City Bus stand and the address is: Manipal Agencies
Kasturi Building
Near City Bus Stand
Udupi-576 101.

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